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Dental Website Design & Marketing


Tomalty Dental Care Case Study

Since 1978, Tomalty Dental Care, a family run dental practice in South Florida, has been working with patients to provide the best in dental care for their patients. Drs. D. Lorne Tomalty, and sons, Jordan Tomalty and Sean Tomalty's experience in cosmetic dentistry is coupled with genuine concern and care for their patients.

The Problem

Like many dental practices seeking online success in a very competitive marketplace, Tomalty Dental Care was missing several key elements critical to their digital image. First, their website was outdated, not mobile ready, and did not offer users an interactive, memorable experience. This meant that their website was not converting new patients needing dental treatment. Second, due to their outdated website, they were suffering from a lack of online visibility on the first page of the organic search results. Most importantly, they were not showing up for important keyword search phrases critical to their success on the search engines like Boynton Beach Dentists and many more.

L.E.T. Group met with Dr. Tomalty and discussed their current website's status from both a design and SEO perspective. Together, we concluded the current Tomalty Dental Care website was not delivering a user experience that attracted new clients to the practice. That design pitfall coupled with a nonexistent organic search presence meant a comprehensive digital solution was necessary.

The Solution

L.E.T. Group used their experience in website marketing of dentists, orthodontists and other small businesses to recommend a successful internet marketing solution. L.E.T. Group's experienced designers were prepared with a new responsive website design and coding that would automatically format Tomalty's new website for mobile phones, tablets and all desktop/laptop computers. This gives website visitors the same experience no matter what device they use to visit the site. It would also increase their chances for visibility when customers use their mobile phones to search for local area dental practices.

Now that they had a new responsive website, the next step was to improve Tomalty Dental Care's search engine visibility and traffic. L.E.T. Group's SEO team recommended a new strategy that included individual website pages created for each one of Tomalty's main key services to increase their search visibility. Once completed, each page could then be optimized for specific keyword searches across all search engines. Now, when prospective customers search for terms like “teeth whitening Boynton Beach”, a specific page created for this specialty shows up on page 1 of Google's results. Best of all, customers are now landing directly on a page with information that correlates what they were searching for. This has lead to a better website experience and more appointments being made for all of their services.


Due to the efforts of the L.E.T. Group's Design and SEO marketing teams, Dr. Tomalty is now showing up on page one for many of their main key search terms like “Boynton Beach Dentists”. They are incredibly pleased with the increased traffic and search engine rankings. Their practice is expanding into new cities, and they have seen an influx of new patients. Thanks to new website and a strong ongoing SEO strategy, Tomalty Dental Care will continue to improve their online presence well into the future.

Next Steps

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